Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Game Design project "Have fun" - Creating some concept art

Because I'm on such a tight schedule with my deadline mere hours away I decided to take previous pieces of work I had made and tweak them in photoshop. Underneath are landscape and portrait versions of my backdrop.

I attempted to work the oriental building into the background, aswell as tweaking some of the colours to make the complex to appear alight. I like the way this has turned out, however, I would have liked more time to be able to work on the structure in the background.

I feel the composition might work better in portrait view rather than landscape as it appears as if the flames are rising from the ground. I then placed my characters, along with some extra imagery over the top of the background to produce a composition.

My main concern is that the foreground does not tie in very well with the background. This perhaps could have been remedied by adding pieces of the environment to the foreground. Overall I think the result is decent.

I feel the piece works better in landscape view. I also placed Maya and the smoke creature to the side of the composition as to seporate them from the background. I feel happier with this piece more than the previous attempt. I also feel the piece reflects on the concept and theme of the game.

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