Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Game Design project "Have fun" - Know your enemy

Once a main  protagonist has been designed and decided it upon it is time to begin the process of creating the enemy. In this case I have chosen Chinese ninjas (yes they did exist and no, ninjas aren't particularly original) as I like the idea of having an enemy you wouldn't be able to put a face to. The fact their features will be covered up will also allow me to reuse the same character art as the archetype for all enemy designs. Underneath is a small collection of typical ninja images which I will use as a starting point.

Since the enemys will possess the element of fire it is important that they are personified thussly. This mens the ninjas (or "Pyrogeheists", which I have decided to name them) will be completely made from fire. I also played around with the idea of giving them chinese masks, which could help individualise them more and possibly make them more intimidating.

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