Sunday, 25 March 2012

Game Design project "Have fun" - A look at traditional Chinese architecture

Ok, Mike, so maybe I'm not being particularly original... but you gotta start somewhere right?

I'm already worried my game idea will look like a clone of countless other oriental-themed games but I've already considered ways in which it could seporate itself from other games! For one I'm planning to have game play that focuses on opposing elements....

Aww crap this ain't gonna be original at all!

Anyways moving on I decided to look at some Chinese architecture; the slanting, layered roofs are what came to mind imedietly.

Sice I intend my game to be a 2D-side scroller I am unsure whether the architecture will be scalable or simply appart of the backdrop. Either way I feel it would serve as some pretty eye-catching imagery. Underneath I have collected a few images of a typical Chinese new year. The colours and lights are dazzling and I like chinese dragons - they may seep into my work later on.

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