Monday, 26 March 2012

Game Design project "Have fun" - The work of Lucian Freud

As I was arriving back at London Victoria a couple of days ago a huge banner caught my eye as I was passing through the station. It was advertising an event exhibiting portraits by artist, Lucian Freud. I was first drawn to the portrait of a woman to the left of the banner; what I noticed imedietly was she was out of proportion. Her eyes were way too big for her head, she seems to be much larger on the left in comparison to her right and her head didn't look as if it sat comfortably on her body. Despite these flaws, I still believed she was a real person and that I could read her emotions.

After considering the portrait for a good 10 minutes I decided I liked it, was possibly even mesmorised by it. Then I thought about whether his style would work in a video game. Underneath is a small collection of portraits by Freud which I personally liked.

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