Thursday, 23 May 2013

Book Character

This project involved taking a character from a book and giving them form. Out of most of the projects assigned to us so far this was probably one of my favourites as I enjoyed designing characters. For my book character I chose a woman called Marriane Engel from a fairly unknown book called The Gargoyle. I've read the book several times and had fixed ideas on how the characters ought to look which I figured would help me with this project.

I started off by producing moodboards displaying what the character might look like, what she wore and what she did for a living. I chose to base her look loosely off Eva Green, one of my favourite actresses.

I then moved on to creating some initial sketches just to capture her character along with a more refined idea of what I thought she looked like. I also produced a digital full-body depiction of her along with some palette swaps to get a feel for a colour scheme to her clothing.

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