Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Abbey Park - Artwork

I hate drawing trees. They take such an awful long time to render and even when I'm done my work looks like concept art for "Revenge of the Killer Broccoli. Underneath I did some sketches, but I always feel more comfortable working in ink or acrylics.

About as bad as it looks - I really can't render trees very well.

Trying to draw detailed trees doesn't get me much further...

If you hold this sketch away from you it doesn't look bad

Much happier working with a brush; these seem somewhat more aesthetically pleasing.

Don't normally use watercolours, as I'm more comfortable with acrylics. Kinda shows..
My tree-drawing skills still need alot of work. I found an interesting page which broke down tree-rendering into primitive shapes and layers of detail:

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