Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Abbey Park - Final piece

This marks a milestone for me - my first ever digital painting that is neither a group of random silohuettes or an attempt at authoring my own textures. This has taken me far too long and has frankly put me off wanting to try anything like this again... I clearly didn't know where to obtain these "brushes" I overhear digital painting enthusiats gushing about in class which would undoubtedly have saved me time. I did however manage to fit the public loos into this piece, which is of some saving grace.

I stuck to the "hard edged brush" as I didn't dare venture away from the default selection. The leaf brush that came with the software probably wouldn't have fared particularly well as it appeared to be a Canadian maple tree leaf.
Critiques include: theres no differentiation between the leaves on the tree in the background or the ones closer to the front. The picture has no direct focal point at the end of the path. The front of the picture could use darkenning slightly.

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