Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Bradgate Park (again...) - Photos

I would say I was tired of visitng this place for the 3rd time now, but that might be mistaken for a lack of interest in my course (which is not true). I couldn't really imagine what another visit to the same park would benefit; however I was told we were visiting in autumn which means some of the trees may have reddened....well, that and the place was so foggy it'd put Silent Hill to shame! I did manage to take some interesting pictures however:

I really loved the gradual change in colour: from dull reds to brilliant yellows.

Strangely, even the colour of the light appeared different, which also affected the way the foliage was lit.

I like the sun coming in through the leaves.

The fog was thick that day, but strangely alluring.

I like how the trees almost frame the scenery beyond it; might make a nice final piece.

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