Saturday, 5 January 2013

My personal bit of fanart

A few nights ago I went to see a Dutch, metal band I rather liked in concert named "EPICA" (yes their choice of name is a rather nerdy one; goes with the territory...). Anyway, since I knew I would be meeting them before the show I thought I'd take the lead singer a piece of artwork.

Portrait made using watercolours, chalk pencils and a white pen.

Well I met the band and they were all pretty nice people, I handed her the picture and she was nice enough to critique it for me haha. Criticisms included "nice clean lines and a good use of colour" (somehow I expect it'll end up as a coffee coaster anyhow...). After meeting and greeting I had my picture taken with the:

Yeah they thought I was pretty weird too...

After that we went down to the venue and stood behind the barricades waiting for the show to begin. I managed to get a few good shots of the band (and some not so flattering ones).

Simone Simoms

Mark Jansen

Overall a pretty good show!


Storm the Sorrow - EPICA

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