Thursday, 23 May 2013

Moonshine project

As part of our class group project the census decided to go with a 1920's hillbilly aesthetic. Personally, I was unhappy with this decision as I had little interest with the subject. Despite this I made my best effort to produce work of a good quality.

I began by making numerous moodboards to give me a good idea of how to approach the idea.

I then moved on to producing some character sketches using a Britsh actor (who's name escapes me now) as a basis for his look.

I then made some digital interpretations of my character's face with different hairstyle and a full-body pose detailing different clothing ideas.

I then moved onto the final piece which I admittedly rushed due to time constraints. I tried to give the piece a sort of aged look, not disimilar to the photographs in the moodboards I had produced earlier. I believe spending more time on this piece would have been beneficial; my lack of knowledge on photoshop and digital painting in general made this challenging.

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