Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Game Design project "Have fun" - Conclusion

Well, it's not done to a standard that I am completely happy with but here it is, my concept for a gamee called "Maya" handed in 3 hours before deadline (a personal record). Even though I would have liked to have been able to work on it longer (and with more hours sleep inbetween) I feel I accomplished a good amount in the 4 days I had set aside to work soley on this project. I guess if I was able to churn out this much work in 4 days, what could I have achieved in the entire alotted 2 weeks?

Criticisms still include things such as the character doesn't look as if she fits properly with the background and I know I could have produced technically better work if I had the time. However I am pleased with what I was able to do in the time allowed.


  1. I rather like that, it has a pleasingly baroque quality which is very un-gamer. And that's a good thing, in my view.