Monday, 26 March 2012

Game Design project "Have fun" - A look at colour and art-style

Because I had already decided on gameplay that involves a clash between elements I will need a colour palette to reflect this. Fire and water will be possessed by the enemies and the main protagonist respectively, so I needed to keep in mind a way I could use materials to not only represent the colours, but the moveent of elements.

These first couple of palette tests were an idea for the colours that would represent the game as a whole. I like the strong, vibrant colours .

In these next tests I tried to paint a representation of water and how it might look as a malleable forcew. I also considered movement as I painted.

In this 3rd set I decided to experiment with painting fire. I endorsed a similar technique as I did with water but obviously changed the colours. I also paid closer consideration to form in this set.

This last piece was a quick attempt to apply some of the techniques I had been practicing into a simple composition. I like the effect but feel that perhaps adding detail with a different medium such as acrylic would prove benefitial.

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