Saturday, 24 March 2012

Game Design project "Have fun" - Considering environments

When the project was first announced my mind rushed into that little space where I keep all my gaming dreams and ideas. Something I have always loved in games was the art style. I would think back to games like Okami; a beautiful, original game with a unique art-style. I love how they envisioned Japan as if it were a Japanese ink painting.

The Prince of Persia game that came out in 2008 for the 360 and PS3 was a wonder to behold with its cel-shaded graphics and dreamy colour palette. I'm not a fan of deserty terrain but I would gladly live in any of the locales created in this game.

Naturally when envisioning a concept of my own I thought of incorporating a colourful art-style into the mix.

I first contemplated gothic architecture, since I've always had a love for the dark and medievil. But then I thought there was nothing really original about that and my work would inevidebly end up looking like a Castlevania rip-off. Then I considered doing horror but realised the colour palette normally associated with horror games was generally dark and gloomy.

Finally it came as I was watching Disney's Mulan. Why not make a setting for a game based on ancient China, using an art-style that incorporated chinese silk painting. Once the idea was planted in my head my course was set.

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